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On-Demand Video Course 

(Link to course coming 2017)

Hear expectations, advice, and resource materials for the full MBA Journey from a diverse mix of MBA's, plus employers and MBA program staff.

  • Program & School selection - Best and Worst advice in choosing schools
  • GMAT Prep / Admissions - Resources to help
  • Financial Aid, Assistance, & Taxes  - Navigate and prepare
  • Relocating domestically / internationally - Things you're forgetting
  • The first semester / MBA Academics - Resources & What to expect
  • Career Services - How to use this resources correctly
  • The Internship search- What to expect and tools to use
  • At the internship - How to make it great and not mess it up
  • Affect on Family Life - Expectations & tips to stay close
  • Academics vs Student life - The balancing act
  • Full-time job search- Finding, negotiating, accepting the offer
  • Starting the Full-Time job - Realistic expectations & tips

Should we use Udemy or similar platforms? Udemy is a platform to purchase individual courses in streaming video format with accompanying PDF docs.  For computer and mobile. No subscription needed. No ads. You have access to the video content for a year. 

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This project is iterative in nature.