An F-1 Visa means a unique journey 

Over half of international MBA students and graduates surveyed for this project agreed that they faced unexpected challenges as an MBA due to their nationality. 

This course is designed to address those challenges and better empower students needing employer sponsorship.

International Students do not face the same journey as US Citizens. Your path is very different for navigating financial aid, securing an internship and post-MBA employment in the US, building relationships with career services and fellow classmates, and more.

Who's taking the GMAT world-wide?

The GMAT is the entrance exam necessary to apply to Master Degree programs in the USA including the Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Finance, etc. 

China makes up over 75% of the East and Southeast Asia" region. India makes up over 92% of the "Central and South Asia" region.  Source: GMAC

Who is pursuing an MBA?

In the US, the GMAT is generally taken for MBA school admission while the GRE is traditionally taken used for non-quantitative master degree programs.

China takes the GMAT almost as much as Americans. A majority are women, but they take the exam mainly for master degree's with a specialization such as a Masters of Finance, etc. 

India takes the GMAT with a larger focus on getting an MBA than American's. Source: GMAC