Our Mission:

Prepare unique MBA candidate groups
(International Students, US Military Veterans, IT Professionals, and families of MBA candidates)  
With the expectations and tools
(Interviews & advice, survey results, and aggregation of the best-rated resources from people like you)
To succeed during their entire MBA journey
(Applying, relocating, student life, personal finances, academics, employment, after graduation, the first MBA job) 

What's Coming in 2017

What is it? 
Video Series - Blog - Interviews - MBA grad survey results
Product Recommendations - Employment resources - Honest expectations
From who?
Fellow MBA's, School staff, MBA employers

Coming in 2017

Video Series
 Time-Saving Resources
Actionable Next Steps

See beyond Admissions prep
Hear diverse perspectives beyond the traditional American full-time student
Understand the journey from before to the first year after the MBA

(1) Produce original research & interviews with students, program staff, and employers to deliver honest expectations and relevant preparation material
(2) Aggregate secondary research and resources to assist beyond the GMAT & admissions needs
(3) Continuous improvement with input from the MBA community

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